Broken Laptop Screen

LapTop and IPhone Screen Replacement provide laptop LCD screen repairs and laptop screen replacement at reduced costs and fast turnaround times in our laptop repair shop located in Brooklyn, New York Brighton Beach area. Your laptop LCD screen could be cracked or displaying wrong colors, you might have a flickering screen. The pixels on your laptop screen may have died.
Whatever the problem, our technicians will be happy to provide fast laptop screen repairs. Because we keep such high stocks of laptop LCD replacements parts and spares, many time we are able to repair laptop screens the same day you bring it into our shop. If we don’t have the screen for your laptop model in stock, then we’ll be able to repair or replace your laptop screen in 3-4 days.

When a laptop LCD screen has to be repair or replace.
• Cracked LCD screen.
• Backlight problems.
• Dead pixels.
• Lines on screen.
• Liquid or impact damage.

All Laptop Models Screens Repaired or Replaced
Brooklyn Computer Center technicians have years of experience specializing in laptop LCD screen repairs on all major laptop brands including Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sony Vaio and Toshiba

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